Passionate and inspired since my childhood by the world of Pirates, I have traveled a lot, as if I were blindly following a treasure map hidden somewhere in my mind.

     After visiting many countries, I first stopped for a few years to look for gold in Australia, living in a Maori community where I learned how to make jewelry from bone carving.

   In 2009, I arrived for the first time on the Isle of the Gods, in Bali, Indonesia.

   I literally fell in love with this beautiful island, its culture, its people and its vibrant colors.

 I knew very quickly that my treasure was hidden there, somewhere and that my quest was soon coming to an end.

 After many comings and goings for 6 years, I made the decision to stay in Bali permanently in 2015 when I married a talented Indonesian fashion designer, Johana, who gave me the most beautiful treasures in the world: a little girl named Leyla.

   That's when I started making shirts, in 2017, for me and my friends, helped by my wife, inspired by my life, the colors of my travels, the cultures that guided me, and all the people I have met on the way.